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I would post this on RoS but I'm IP banned. They all hate me. QQ

For Christmas, Gravity gave their active members (How did I get one?) beta keys for kRO2's close beta testing. In typical Gravity shenanigans, they didn't work and the staff was on vacation for the holidays. A few days later things were sorted out and working.

Upon finally logging in, I was greeted by an angry baby poring an a Callie!

Her and Fox immediately taught me the finer points on how to emote right away. IT IS IMPORTANT THINGS TO KNOW. A lot of them are really silly. Some doesn't make much sense. Like /please my character just bends over and shakes her boobs. Lady, that's not how manners work.

Fox & Callie are beating the hell out of one another behind me as I just stand around looking kawaiinekochan. My Hunter is a chef so this ifthe profession outfit she gets. You can switch into it at random for no real reason. While cooking your character will auto switch over thenswitch back to their combat gear. So you don't have to manually do it to cook.

I'm quite impress how she can cook without a fire.

ALL THE CLASSIC EMOTE BUBBLES ARE BACK. /spin is now /dizzy. Forever my favorite. <3

Along with some really creepy ones.


A lot of the orginal monsters now wear silly headgear. While Mastering was originally just a giant Poring, he now wears a burger king-esquecrown and some styling shades.

Lunatics have always been my favorite monster. I want to live here. Live on the Lunatic farm.

Some are wearing their cute pet gear and doing their tricks. However, it won't let me kidnap it and keep it as a pet. Bastards.

Every now and again you get a slot machine item from completing a quest. You click the button and it spins and whatever it lands on is yourreward. So far it's just food and potions. I'm guessing it's an updated version of the old blue box.

Around this time my map broke and questing came to a haul as everything is in Korean and I have no idea what the quests want from me.So I pretty much just ran around like a headless chicken.

I hit an eclipse, and  was brutally murdered by it, then somehow gained a title. I have no idea what it is. I like to pretend it's BUNNY QUEEN since it came from a giant blue rabbit. It's probably something shameful since I obtained it from it from getting my ass handed to me.

Combat lags a bit but i'm pretty sure that's the whole Korea -> USA thing going on. It did make things a bit difficult.

I really hope this dragonfly is bugged. It has over 5k health, hits like a truck, and is much lower level then me. It needs to be killed for a quest. I'LL BE BACK FOR YOU AT MAX LEVEL!

I eventually found my way into a dungeon. At the end was a boss battle with Kiel. He's nowhere near as badass as that Dragonfly. How the mighty have fallen.

I miss the level-up angel. This time around you're being struck by lightning.

That's it for the first day. The game is nothing special and plays like every other generic MMO that's out right now. I was kind of hopping since the game has been in development for years, it would have more to offer that would introduce the series to a whole new audience. I can't see it doing all that well outside it's niche.

We'll see. I just recently step-out of the starting area. Maybe higher levels have amazing adventures in store for! &hearts;

For now, have some Rockers.

They're super cute. <3

Date: 2012-01-03 08:24 am (UTC)
epidemic: (Momohime ★ set me free)
From: [personal profile] epidemic
Oh jeez, you're making me interested in this again. HOW.


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