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WELL, I accomplished nothing on our second and final day, and i'm okay with that. It was fun while it lasted. I wanted to push to level 25 and take advantage of the NPCs that would fully gear you and put you at max level. Though from what I heard the raids are lackluster.

If anything, I found my way to Prontera.

Dancing with the street performers. Yes, that angel with the quest has Lady Gaga hair. You can pick it for your character if you want. A few steps away from them are...

Giant cat people rocking out. They're apart of the instant-level 50 quest chain for the CBT. So they probably won't be there once the game goes live.

The Kafra ladies will fly you from place to place on a broom. However the s.pront Kafra seems to be broken. I wanted to fly north, she'll takeme and as soon as we land we're back at the south gates. Bitch.

The Kafra logo is now a bunny. They have these symbols on their backs as well. THIS IS HIGHLY IMPORTANT INFORMATION.

Seeing how King Tristan III and his family were slaughtered in the original, they felt we needed a new ruler for the second, even though we've been doing well without. I'm curious if there will be any back story to this or they're going to ignore the events that happened in the first game.


During Combat i'll get this combo meter. When full, nothing procs and I don't hit anything any harder. I heard it working for others but it didn't for me. Maybe it's just broke for Archers?

Flips are really cute. Something seems a bit twisted when a monster tells you to go kill other monsters of it's own kind. It a real common theme to these quests. The Poring wants you to kill 3 Porings. The Flip wants you to kill 5 Flips and bring back their remains. Then go kill the Flip with a mustache.

Um, okay.

Getting a party together to take down Golden Thief Bug. Prontera Culvert is now a single level instances and doesn't resemble the first one much.


Battle against GTB was pretty straight forward. He was never that tough to begin with. At least this time around he has his own theme music.

VICTORY! There was no MVP. Poor Goldie, stripped of it's MVP status.

There's a world boss right outside who is much more tougher then Goldie. It devoured us.

Obligatory screen shot with my long time RO husband Rook. I ended up bulling him away from his party to take cute screenshots together! He wouldn't sit next to me. I'm sure he was scared if he got too close I would of have beat him up and stolen his lunch money. I probably would have.

Life must suck when you're e-married to me.

Some quest will zoom in really far to the questgiver. I wasn't paying attation so it was pretty surprising when suddenly there was an extreme close up of a blushing beaver on my screen.

That's the end of that. I ended off the final closed beta phase at a whopping level 13. When I had time to get on, the sever would go down for maintenance and it would just be getting too late at night when they were back up. I'm sure my party could of pushed to 25 if there wasn't a slight miscommunication, and with the ending of the testing phase rapidly approaching, it didn't really matter to much because there would be no time to do any end-game content. I hope our accounts will work again when the game comes back for open beta sometime next year and a few things are smoothed out a bit more.

- The ability to jump out of water, instead of finding a ramp to get out before you drown. -Ankle Snare actually working.

- The flipping animation removed from Acrobat, by the time you're done flipping the monster is right on top of you again, making the skill useless.

-Monster respawn time turned down and corpse despawn time raised. After tough battles, and you need the loot the monster for the quest, another one will respawn and start attacking. I always manage to die and running back the corpse had already despawn. Starting the whole miserable process all over again.

-Better hotkey acknowledgement. After a stack of red potions were used up I had to re key a new stack. It should recognize how many I have rather then the specified stack I put on it.

- Better quests. It's basically the same two quests over and over again. There's no real variation.

- Kafra teleporting me where I want to go, instead of taking me back to where I already was.

I'm sure there would be more, but I didn't get all that far in the game. It didn't help that we lost so much time due the the security token ordeal. I hope they'll consider our feedback and not write it off as "They didn't know how it worked because of the language barrier."

Thought that would be typical kRO, they seem to write us off fairly easy. It probably didn't help that the iRO community threw a temper tantrum and took it out on their facebook fan page when the beta keys weren't working. ಠ_ಠ They must think even less of us now.


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